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Elemental Arcade

Run! Gun! Race!
-- while mastering the mind-bending trickery of relativity --

Enter a mesmerizing new realm where you will be spell-bound by the fundamental building blocks of the universe and premium in-game audio tracks. Prepare yourself for hours of unadulterated arcade gaming with this completely new game concept. RUN! GUN! and RACE! while your mind comes to grips with the mind-bending trickery of relative movement.

It is awfully simple, yet mindbogglingly complex. You will quickly find that you cannot trust your senses as completely as you normally might. Do not give up, as your mind struggles to come to grips with the theory of relativity in action.

Sand snuffs and water fuels your fire!

You are Magnesium and you are ablaze. Your objective is to keep your flame burning. That's simple enough!

Dodge your enemies and cover as much ground as you can!

Sandblast your way to glory!

Race against your previous best time!

Mind-Bending Trickery of Relativity

Your mind will tell you that you are moving forwards and backwards. Can you trust your senses?!

Your mind will tell you that your enemies advance more slowly when you move toward them and much faster when you back away from them. Should you believe your eyes?!

Will it infuriate you, or will you accept the challenge? Will you overcome the mind-bending trickery and use relativity to your advantage, or will you give up and return to the stagnantly familiar?

Bon voyage.

Company Information

Elementari (or more precisely, elementāriī) is the genitive of elementārius in Latin, which can be translated as "of the elementary". Our passion at Elementari Games is to create games that celebrate the basic, the essential, and the fundamental building blocks of everything.


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